the cattle call: dear wine rep

Cattle Call! Dear Wine Rep: a rebuttal

February 10, 2012

And here we have Winebuyer’s response to yesterday’s post. I’ll leave my comments below in the comments section for once since it’s Friday and it’s Winebuyer’s turn in the rotation, although this is clearly not the  same winebuyer I was addressing my complaints to yesterday.  Cattle Call posts are reader-submitted. Dear Wine Rep, I understand […]

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Open Cattle Call, day 2: another dreaded workwith… from supplier

November 22, 2011

Dear My Work With, Good morning, Work With, thank you for calling me at 10am as we were supposed to meet at 9am for a coffee and talk about the day ahead. No, I’m not the winemaker. It would be ideal if we could have the winemaker travel year round. Yes, I’m just some soulless […]

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Open Cattle Call: a few days in the life of a Wine Buyer

November 21, 2011

Dear Wine Rep, A few days in the life of a Wine Buyer… Day 1: Thank you so much of thinking of me, Wine Rep, for this new wine of yours. It sounds awesome! I am familiar with the producer in previous vintages but a huge score from Robert Parker and only $– per bottle, […]

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Attention Winebuyers! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

November 21, 2011

… but not if you’re a wine rep. I didn’t even have time to zip up my boots before hitting the streets this morning. Make-up was applied in the car at high speeds. And the iPhone is attached to my ear. I’m actually talking to a buyer on the line right now AS WE SPEAK. […]

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The Cattle Call: Dear Winebuyer from Producer

November 11, 2011

As wine reps, we do a lot of the ol’ smile and nod. Every day I listen to a small parade of windbags go on at length about wines and their flaws, the buyers’ likes and dislikes, comparisons to wines from other regions… and many of what is said makes no sense to me, at […]

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The Cattle Call: Dear Winemaker…

October 8, 2011

Let’s face it, fellow reps… we have more in common with Winebuyer than we care to admit. We both get it from all sides.  Sure, Winebuyer complains that I’m one of how many reps that comes to see him on a weekly basis trying to sell him my wares… and then if he’s one of […]

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Cattle Call: workwith drop-in

September 30, 2011

So truth be told, I cringed a little bit when I read this one. I do my best to make appointments in advance for my supplier workwiths, especially if they are traveling from afar, but I’ve definitely been guilty of the workwith drop-in from time to time. Workwiths are stressful… at least for me… I […]

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Cattle Call: quit yer dayjob

September 2, 2011

I suppose it was inevitable. You invite wine reps to join in on the winebuyer bashing, ask them to submit a dear winebuyer letter of their own, and instead you get a “dear wine rep” submission directly from the enemy. But this guy has a point. Hell, come to think of it, I could come […]

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