about winebuyer


Winebuyer is any one of thousands of people who manage the wines at any given business serving or selling wine. Liquor stores, wine shops, mom and pop diners, fine dining establishments, bars… all of them employ Winebuyer. Winebuyer is my gatekeeper. Sometimes Winebuyer has a somm certification on some level, more often not. Sometimes Winebuyer doesn’t even like wine.


My relationship with Winebuyer varies from place to place and day to day. At times I wonder if it is a prerequisite somehow for Winebuyer to have some sort of blatant personality quark, almost every one of them does. Then again, Winebuyer can sometimes become a very good friend, an ally of sort, and when this is a case, my appointment with him acts as a respite from my day, a retreat of sorts from the onslaught of chaotic madness we wine reps can face on a daily basis.


Each territory offers it’s own cast of characters.





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