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There’s a lot of wine out there to sell. As a direct result, there’s a lot of wine reps out there selling it all (especially thanks to the likes of Southern Wine & Spirits and the four wine reps they put on the streets for every 2 square miles of territory). The Wine REPublic consists of other reps out there in the world who, like me, have a thing or two to say about our dear Winebuyers. They remain anonymous here, unless they request otherwise.

So, to the REPublic…. Submit!

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Nake December 9, 2011 at 6:36 am

Rule of thumb: The number of neon beer signs in the front window is in inverse proportion to the quality and thoughtfulness of the fine wine selection inside the store.

Never EVER pour wine samples into a styrofoam cup. When the styrofoam with drops of coffee in the bottom of the cup are presented, head for the door immediately.


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