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As a wine rep, I hate working on Fridays. I mean, I “work”… I take a look at all my aging reports, sales reports, attend whatever sales meetings on whatever end of the state I’m required to drive to… but I hate Friday account visits.

Once, many years ago, when I worked on the supplier side of things, I ran into a friend who was a wine rep and she invited me to go for a hike on a Friday afternoon in the middle of the work day, because, as she said, “Nobody in the wine industry works on Fridays…” and that got me thinking about becoming a wine rep someday. And now, as a wine rep, I know that that is absolute bullshit, but I can at least aspire to work less on Fridays. This is where the Cattle Call comes into play.

I get “dear winerep” letters on a regular basis from producers, buyers, managers, etc… and I needed a place to put them, so every Friday I will post one of them. The rest wait in the queue for the next available Friday Cattle Call. So if you are someone with something to say to your wine rep, please feel free to submit.

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