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July 13, 2012 · 4 comments

A few of my recent faves from my winebuyers:


Me: “I noticed my Grüner Veltliner has fallen off the list… it did really well for you and I know you really liked it… What happened?”

WB: “We got a Grüner from California now, so we don’t need an Austrian one.”

Yes, that makes sense. Because customers hate options… 


WB: “But I already have a riesling” (emphasis is my own)

He points to the Dr. L on the list …as I pour a Pradikat level vineyard designate Riesling. Well done, Winebuyer. Saving your patrons from options once again. 


Same Winebuyer as above as I pour a glassable NZ Sauv Blanc: “Hmm… I like it, and it’s the right price point… but haven’t I seen that wine at Trader Joe’s?”

Yes. Yes, you have. Right next to your precious Dr. L…


At a farm-to-table restaurant that puts strong emphasis on the quality of their food sources:

“I really liked the Pinot Grigio I was getting from you, but it was just a little too expensive for by the glass. The new one I brought in isn’t nearly as good, but the kind of people ordering Pinot Grigio aren’t really concerned with the quality of the wine.”

Hmm… Those same people who care so much about the quality of your food? 


In a retail establishment: 

“I like that Pinot, but I’ve already got this other one that flies off the shelf! I can’t explain it… it walks itself out the door!” Customer walks in, says he’s looking for a good Pinot Noir… WB hands him the wine… “This is our best selling Pinot Noir. I can’t keep it in stock. You should buy a case of it!”




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