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April 18, 2012 · 1 comment

A special request from the REPublic today…

I don’t have a letter to submit necessarily but I’d love to see a post about what tools or technology other reps might use to help them organize their workload, schedule and requests. I’ve been seeking an iphone app that would remind me to follow up on specific accounts on specific wines. It be great to have something other than Excel to use to reference what days of the week the buyers are available for tasting and further notes such as their stipulations for drop-ins or not.




So let’s discuss…

I love this stuff. I’m such a geek about my organizational tools, and I usually go through a different system about every 6 months… but I finally found one that struck a cord for me and I’ve been using it for a little over a year now.

Personally, I use an app on my iPad called Awesome Note. I’ve tried several other data management and CRM systems, but this one works best for me…
It’s available for the iPhone as well, although I can’t vouch for that platform as I haven’t tried it on my phone. I’m not a huge fan of all of the colors… the interface could be a little bit cleaner in my opinion, but one could argue that the colors can be useful for organization/delineation. I create a folder for each of my accounts and I have them alphabetically organized. In each folder, I have a note with the buyer’s name and what his preferences are for tasting times, drop-in vs appointment, etc. Then I keep a note to list what I’ve poured and when with reactions/reminders, and I create a new dated note for each order, which I can email to my company directly from the App. I keep a top listed to-do list with time-sensitive requests for tech sheets, samples, shelf-talkers or follow-ups that might otherwise get lost within the folders. I can set alarms for to-do items or appointments. It syncs with my Google Docs so I have access to the data from my laptop… and it also syncs to Evernote, which I don’t use very often.

My hope is that soon they’ll be using the Cloud or whatever so I can open the app on either my phone or my iPad and the data will be completely and effortlessly synced. That’s really my only complaint about Awesome Note… besides my aforementioned aversion to brightly colored folders.

So now I put it out to the REPublic, all the other sales reps out there…

What tech tricks do you use? Please share in the comments below and help our friend Danielle out!

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