From the REPublic: I get by with a little “help” from my “friends”

April 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Eep! This one is definitely being filed under “bitter wine rep”. Kudos to the rep for standing his ground… 
Outside the tragedy of a fire though, we put up with the “help” request far too often in my opinion. And we’re forced to make the decision… pony up a few free bottles (illegal in most states, by the way oh dear winebuyer, not that you care whether or not my company gets busted), or risk the loss of current placements and the potential for future placements. 
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Dear wine buyer/owner
So you are reopening your business that had a major fire a year ago.  Congrats, I hope we can do business again and make your store a destination.
What’s that?  You are asking all over your distributors to “help” you out?  What can my company do for you?  Let me get back to you after I speak with my office….
What I really should have said….”I’m sorry but no, you were always a cruel and negative customer to begin with.  If you paid your invoices on time it was a miracle.  You always wanted something for nothing.  You are an asshole.  I really try to avoid working with assholes.  Money is not the end all-be all for me where I would look that over and feel the need to work with you.
You received money from your insurance company to cover your losses, why should mine pony up to do business with you again?  What have you done for ME lately?  It’s been TWO years since you have placed an order. You know what I’m going to do?  Tell all my friends about how nasty a person you are and what a shit business you run.  I’ll tell them to support an honest and hard working business instead of some prick who rips off his suppliers and customers.  Better yet, why don’t I record the next conversation I have with you and send it to the attorney general?”
GFY buddy, I don’t need your dirty money.
the little guy

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