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December 7, 2011 · 2 comments

Dear winery,

First off, let me just say that I love selling your wines. LOVE. Really truly, no sarcasm here. You pick from fantastic vineyards, use minimal intervention in the winery, the juice is great, the packaging is spot-on, pricing is perfect, and programming is attractive and appropriate. All in all, a wine rep’s dream to sell.

And sell I did… having been given the green light by you… “we increased production this year, so we really need to ramp up our by-the-glass presence…” Perfect. Consider it done.

So imagine my surprise when the carpet was swept out from underneath me this morning just after making two new glass placements last week, one of which was for a resort who has just printed the new lists for all of their room-service books as well as the restaurant. Sold out. With no warning to speak of.


And then almost immediately upon receiving that email from your sales manager, I get a blast from your tasting room promoting said wine with a special holiday discount, which brings the wine practically below wholesale.

Not cool, winery. Not cool.

Off I go to take my lickins and persuade Winebuyers 1 and 2 to replace your wine with another from my portfolio. Man, I love the holidays.

Wine Rep

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