October 2011

From the REPublic: Supplier Workwith Code of Conduct

October 31, 2011

I wish I had time to add to this wine rep’s pleas to our dear suppliers… but O-N-D continues to march on into N, and I’m in the weeds. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lapses between my posts as of late. It’s not because my winebuyers have been behaving themselves, they’re still acting out as […]

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Pinheads, part two: MW, CS, MS, CSET, STFU

October 26, 2011

Dear newly “certified” Winebuyer, Yes, I see your pin. I saw it the first day we met, when you handed two business cards to me… One from your place of employment, which listed you as “Floor Manager” and one that you personally had made that listed you as “Certified Sommelier”. And you’ve worn that pin […]

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Hot for Teacher

October 19, 2011

Dear young and overly enthusiastic Winebuyer, Yes my import book is chock full of weird wonderments of the wine kind… It’s like a playground for you, I know. And I have to admit that I’m very proud of the quality, regional varietal typicity and overall diversity of the wines that I sell. I like being […]

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Sample Scrooge

October 12, 2011

Dear Winemaker, It was wonderful working the market with you last month, thank you for your time and travel expense. Also, thank you for the lovely lunch… I had hoped that the conversation regarding sales stumbling blocks was enlightening for both of us. However, it seems that you weren’t listening to me. We talked about […]

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Monday Cattle Call… Dear Consumer

October 10, 2011

I know it’s not Friday, but I couldn’t wait to post this one. One advantage I feel pretty good about in my line of work is the insulation I have from the general wine-drinking public, with the exception of the occasional consumer event I help Winebuyer out with and the inevitable peppering stream of questions […]

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The Cattle Call: Dear Winemaker…

October 8, 2011

Let’s face it, fellow reps… we have more in common with Winebuyer than we care to admit. We both get it from all sides. ┬áSure, Winebuyer complains that I’m one of how many reps that comes to see him on a weekly basis trying to sell him my wares… and then if he’s one of […]

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nobody does it better…

October 5, 2011

Dear Winebuyer, Yes, your shop/”bar” certainly is unique, quite unlike all of the other shop/”bars” I have in my territory. Actually, I’m nodding and smiling in agreement while I know that these words are complete bullshit. I already know what to expect from our relationship moving forward… bare minimum orders and your insistence on receiving […]

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