Cattle Call: workwith drop-in

September 30, 2011 · 3 comments

So truth be told, I cringed a little bit when I read this one. I do my best to make appointments in advance for my supplier workwiths, especially if they are traveling from afar, but I’ve definitely been guilty of the workwith drop-in from time to time. Workwiths are stressful… at least for me… I thoughtfully select somewhere between 7 to 9 accounts to visit, call to make appointments, choose a strategic spot for lunch, and inevitably, things go to shit somehow within the first hour. Maybe it’s when I’m calling that morning to confirm the first appointment (“oh, shoot… sorry, I won’t be in until after 2 today, I’m so hungover”). Or it’s a text I receive as I’m picking up my supplier (“Gotta cancel, slammed with inventory”). Maybe I forgot to mention it was St. Patrick’s Day to Winebuyer. Perhaps Supplier springs one on me, announcing halfway into our day together that he is really looking forward to tasting with So-and-So at XYZ Bar and Grill, and I scramble to try to fulfill his wishes, although I purposefully avoided an appointment at that account as I know that So-and-So will never pull the trigger on the wines. Or maybe Winebuyer just plain stands us up, and now I have 45 minutes to fill before our next appointment. “Um, wanna grab a beer?” “At 10 am?”

All this to say I hate workwiths. And Winebuyer, I’m sorry to drop in on you, and I won’t make it a regular thing, I promise… Or at least, I’ll try not to…

Dear Wine Rep,

We both know that we are in a small state, one of the smallest population wise in the country. We both know that it’s important for you to ‘drop by’ with wines to taste even though the state, and I, frown on this practice. We both know that I don’t particularly like the ‘drop by’ but I tolerate it, especially if you have something that I really want to taste and I’m a nice person. We both know that I have an Italian restaurant with higher-end wines and that the list is mostly Italian. So why the fuck are you ‘dropping by’ with $5 Malbec’s that you know will never make it on the list?! Sure, blow me away with a premium Argentinian wine and maybe there’s a chance, but the cheap shit? Save it for the supermarkets where it’s already on display for $6.50 retail.

And why is it that you can’t get your shit together enough to call a few days ahead when you have a winemaker or exporter from Italy who you want to bring by to taste with. I can’t imagine that these people show up at your office out of the fucking blue and want to be driven around to your accounts. It’s way too hard to get to this state for them to be suprising you at your office. I would think that they probably call well in advance and ask you to make some appointments that sell, or may want to sell their wine. There is no way I will ever be convinced that these winemakers don’t plan ahead when visiting our fair, tiny state, sorry. Do your freaking job and don’t try to make me feel guilty because I don’t have 20 minutes to spare (which always turns into an hour because you are always fucking late!!!!). I have shit to do too you know. I can’t drop everything because you were too fucking lazy to make some appointments for your client who just flew all the way from Italy, will only be in the state for 6 hours and wants to help you sell his/her wine!!


Wine Buyer

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