From the REPublic: here’s to your impeccable palate

September 29, 2011 · 1 comment

This one really doesn’t require too lengthy of an introduction. But I’l give one anyways, just for tradition’s sake. There’s always a buyer or two on your route… you can bring them swill, maybe you even cringe a little as they sip and you await their reaction (after all, you’ve tasted the wine before… you know that those 2008s from this particular reputable Sonoma producer are oily and sour with smoke taint, but you gotta get through them to get to the 2009s) and they’ll treat it like it’s Chave in their glass. They go on and on about the silky mouthfeel and the lovely earthiness, and you just nod your head, slightly dumbfounded… 


Dear winebuyer,
When I pull a cork in front of you —and you fail to provide me a glass — I expect you to alert me to any flaws contained within said wine. Over time, I’ve learned to lessen that expectation — though much to my wallet’s satisfaction.
In the past six months you’ve pulled the trigger based on samples I later discovered were:
1) corked (admittedly, I smelled the taint as I pulled the cork, but poured it for you anyway)
2) refermenting (I called it “frizzante” as you swirled)
3) fire-tainted (“toasty oak” / “great for BBQing”)

So, anyway, long and short of it all…
The answer is, “No.”
Your coke habit is not affecting your judgment whatsoever. Cheers.


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