92 pts from Dr. Tyler Colman!

September 13, 2011 · 4 comments

Dear Dr. Vino,

Nah, just kidding. But really, I’m flattered, thank you! And a little star-struck, quite honestly! Your book is on my Kindle currently, after all! I was SIPPED and not SPAT! And I received 92 pts! And I don’t even have to write a single shelf-talker for it! That’s a lot of exclamation points! Although, to be fair, the post you reviewed was from a member of The REPublic, one of the very few submissions I’ve received so far from other Wine Professionals such as myself. So not actually written by yours truly. And the author remains anonymous, unless (s)he requests otherwise. My voice is italicized in these entries and in the submissions I receive from Wine Buyers (The Cattle Call).

Day after day, I fill my bag with somewhere between 3 and 18 bottles of wine and multiple ice packs, and I hit the trenches. From appointment to drop-in to weekly cattle call, I make my way from buyer to buyer showing my wares and gently reminding and rebuking Winebuyer until she or he finally gives me an order of anywhere between 6 bottles and 15 cases. I pour for Master and Advanced-level Somms and grocery store clerks alike. I can tell you that I don’t work for Southern. I can tell you that I sell wines from 100 case production to 50,000 case production and from regions all over the world. And I believe I’ve mentioned my tits once or twice, so you may have gathered that I’m a woman… Beyond that, it’s all up in the air.

So yes, I’m real. Not fictitious. I would send you a picture or a name, but that would jeopardize my career as you may guess. Instead, just take my word for it! Commiserate with me, enjoy my stories (some details are changed or glossed over to protect the guilty, but all are based on real experiences) and feel free to share your own by hitting the Submit link over there to the upper right in that sidebar. I protect your anonymity unless you request otherwise, and I welcome viewpoints from all sides of the industry, really. We all work towards the same goal, at the end of the day… to fill someone’s glass with wine.

For those who are just stumbling upon me from the interwebs abroad, welcome! I look forward to sharing more of my day-to-day life with you. I promise, as long as I’m selling wine, I’ll never run out of stories to tell.


Wine Rep


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