Flawed Logic

September 11, 2011 · 1 comment

Me: Frontline is $18.67, $16 on 3 cases.

Winebuyer: can I get the 3 case price on 2?

Me: No, it’s a shipping break that’s passed along to you. You can however mix with the Chardonnay from the same producer.

Winebuyer: I really don’t have room for 3 cases.

Me: Then you can bring it in at the frontline price. Sorry, there’s really no flexibility on this one. The other accounts I have pouring this go through it very quickly…

Winebuyer: (gesturing at a few stacks of boxes in the back corner) I’ll be tripping over the boxes for weeks. I just don’t need that much wine. I’m already stuffed to the brim, there’s absolutely no room on the shelf for another bottle beyond the one case.

Me: I understand… No problem… Let me know when you have more room, and we can revisit this one…

Winebuyer: (sighs) Okay, I’ll take 3 cases at the $16 price. I need them this week. (mutters to himself) Where am I going to put all this wine…?

Me: (cheerily) Great! It will arrive on Wednesday!

Winebuyer: Okay, thanks. So… Is there anyway I could get a couple extra sample bottles to pour over the bar before Friday?

Me: ???!!!

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